Photo Gallery

Flash dryer for flour processing at UAC Processing of Yam into flour is being carried out at UAC Diverse yam varieties under evaluation Newly constructed tissue culture laboratory funded by the Benin government with tissue culture materials received from IITA AfricaYam project for further multiplication Completed screen house and additional screen houses under construction Discussions on challenges in 2016 and the way forward for 2017 workplan was held with the UAC team Prof Dansi showcases some facilities at the new tissue culture laboratory Prof Alexandre Dansi in an interactive session with the Dr Adebola and Dr Amele Some of the traits being evaluated include tuber shape and size Tissue culture materials from IITA AfricaYam project has been distributed to all partners Since the first screen house was built by AfricaYam project at UAC which has now completed an additional screen house and two screen houses are underway Traditional yam barn constructed at UAC for storage of tubers Some tubers harvested from 2016 trials True seeds harvested from 2016 crosses True seeds collected from 2016 crosses Tubers harvested from true seeds planted under screen house conditions in 2016 Ware yam tubers under storage Tuber shape is considered in variety selection
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