Yam Team Building Meeting

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June 20, 2018
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Yam Team Building Meeting

Members of IITA Yam Team held a meeting on Friday 29 June, 2018. The meeting which was held at the IITA Yam Barn Ibadan, had Dr. Asrat Amele, newly appointed IITA Yam Breeder and Dr Patrick Adebola, the AfricaYam project leader as well as all members of the Yam team at Ibadan in attendance. The meeting started with the formal welcome of Dr Asrat and personal introduction of members of the Yam team.

As part of his agenda, Dr. Asrat discussed the need for every member of the unit to work as a team for better achievement of the desired goal. He also said that Yam is a challenging crop and therefore needs proper monitoring and attention for better results and harvest.

Dr. Adebola who also addressed the team, emphasized the need for effective communication among team members. He also enjoined every member of the yam team to utilise allocated resources judiciously.

During the interactive session, team members shared some of their work experiences and challenges. Responding to some of the concerns raised by the team on work tools, both scientists commended the team’s efforts so far and promised to ensure more tools are made available to them. They encouraged the team to work harder as “to whom much is given, much is expected’’.

It was resolved that this type of meeting will take place at least once every month.

A cross section of the Yam Team after the meeting


  1. am in interested in the field of yam production iam a student pursuing my bsc in agronomy at luanar bunda campus in malawi can i be linked to the organisation

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