AfricaYam Project Training on YamBase

AfricaYam holds its 2019 Annual Meeting in Abuja
April 8, 2019
AfricaYam Project Training on ‘R’ Statistics
April 24, 2019

AfricaYam Project Training on YamBase

The AfricaYam project held a 1-Day Training Workshop on YamBase in Abuja, Nigeria on the 29th of March 2019. The training was anchored by AfricaYam Project Leader, Dr. Patrick Adebola and IITA Yam Breeder, Dr. Asrat Amele and two resource persons, Dr. Lukas Mueller and Alex Ogbonna from BTI, USA.

Participants from IITA and partners representatives from Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin and Cote d’Ivoire were trained on how to fit model within R framework, Linear Modelling with ‘R’ using different cases, YamBase Data types, Quality control initiatives in YamBase etc.                                                                            Dr. Asrat, Alex Ogbonna and Dr. Lukas Mueller at the YamBase Training Session

The training is expected to provide participants with new updates and functionalities on the YamBase, introduce them to new data management tools on the YamBase and generate feedback from participants to guide further YamBase development.

                                                                        Alex Ogbonna from BTI training participants during a session

At the end of the training, expectations of the participants were met as participants said they have acquired more knowledge to handle most of the data management challenges peculiar to yam breeding. One of the participants Alex Edemodu, Research Associate, Yam breeding, IITA, Ibadan spoke about his expectations of the training “What I looked forward to getting from the training was exactly what I got and much more. With the BrAPI R Package, I can call up any trial from any database and fit model within R framework” he said.

                                                                              Participants during the training

Dr. Adebola and Dr. Asrat in their closing remarks, advised the participants to make good use of the knowledge acquired during the training as they thanked the facilitators for their time and support.

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