AfricaYam trains Research Technicians on the use of YamBase

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November 19, 2018
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AfricaYam trains Research Technicians on the use of YamBase

Participants were drawn from AfricaYam staff in IITA and partners representatives from Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin and Cote d’Ivoire for the 5 days YamBase Training Workshop held in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Workshop which started on the 12th of Nov. and ended on the 16th of Nov. 2018 was anchored by AfricaYam Project Leader, Dr. Patrick Adebola and IITA Yam Breeder, Dr. Asrat Amele and two resource persons from Boyce Thompson Institute, (BTI).

The resource persons from BTI, Bryan Ellerbrock, a Research Specialist, and Titima Tantikanjana, a Senior Research Associate, provided participants with comprehensive training in the use of YamBase as breeding management tool using realistic hands-on examples.

Participants at the BTI/AfricaYam YamBase Training Workshop, Abuja, Nigeria

The participants were also trained on how to upload and analyze their own datasets.

Expressing his appreciation at the end of the workshop, Bryan said “the week-long schedule left more time for exercises and practices than in previous workshops. We covered everything that had been planned, and the participants truly impressed us. They stayed focused, asked great questions, and took full advantage of the extra time to complete exercises”.

Highlight of the training was the practical use of YamBase data to R statistical package.

Participants during an exercise to generate barcodes for labelling plots

Some of the participants also spoke about their achievements in the training. “What I expected from the training is actually what I got. With this training I can use the YamBase without assistance” said Mrs. Olatunji Alice Adenike, AfricaYam Research Assistant.

Another participant from Le Centre National de Recherché Agronomique, (CNRA) Dr. Dibi Konan, a Plant physiologist said “everything we have learnt from this training, will be useful in our breeding program and most especially data collected from the trials”.

L-IITA Yam Breeder, Dr. Asrat Amele and R-AfricaYam Project Leader, Dr. Patrick Adebola

In his closing remarks, the Project Leader, Dr. Adebola, appreciated the resource persons and to the participants he said “ I thank you for your rapt attention and dedication towards learning and I encourage you to implement all that you’ve learnt to improve your usage of the YamBase”.

IITA Yam Breeder, Dr. Asrat Amele also encouraged the participants to make the most use of the new knowledge acquired from the training.

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